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Indigo Moon System Consulting provides enterprise-grade Information Technology management advice to small and medium businesses. Technology does not have to be difficult or expensive to be useful. What is difficult is figuring out how to make it simple and affordable... and that's where we can help.

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Technology Advisors

If all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

We are technology advisors, not salespeople or savants. We speak plain English and we listen well. We're interested in hearing about your requirements, your business processes, and where you want to be in five years--and we'll find you a stable but flexible IT strategy to get you there.

Unlike many consulting firms, IMS doesn't specialize in a single methodology or have distribution agreements with specific manufacturers; we provide honest, objective assessments and recommendations that are not clouded by the prospect of kickbacks or limited by brand-oriented knowledge. We are free to find the best solution for our clients every time. And if we don't feel we can offer that solution, we will help you find someone who can.

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Based in Seattle, Washington and the Puget Sound region, IMS works with clients across the United States and internationally.

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